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Are You A Champion ?

 Are You Tearing Yourself Down ?


Think of it this way when you ask yourself that question . How Many times a day do we spend taking badly about ourselves ? I struggle with it as well myself . Just because I want to do everything perfectly . which let’s face it there is no such thing as perfect in this world . I saw something this morning on my facebook wall as I was starting my day . It changed my whole day around after reading because it just made me stop and think about it really hard . Trust me I will share it with all of you as I’m sure it could help all of us in one way or another .



The Fire Statement


Here is what I saw this morning on my facebook wall .”If we put as much effort into winning as we do thinking about losing or comparing ourselves to others ,we would  already be a champion”.  Now tell me that statement right there does not make someone stop and think about themselves . I felt so sick today and after reading that one thing light a fire inside of me . because it’s so true . We put too much effort on tearing ourselves apart for things that we don’t get done . Instead of being patient with ourselves and congratulating ourselves for what we do right . Why Do we even spend so much time wasting that energy on something so negative that does nothing for us in the first place . We could have gotten farther in our life weather it was financial improvement or physically .


Know Better and Do Better


We have got to start uplifting ourselves and treating ourselves better . Stop all that comparing your one chapter to someone else’s fifth chapter they are on . If we stay focused on ourselves we will be in a much better position . Instead of complaining about something . Do this for 24 hours no complaining or negative talk . Try it and see how you feel . Does it make you feel better about yourself ? , Life seem more positive in general ? If it does then great start over again . Continue on in this fashion and see where you are at in a year from now . Ok how about twelve weeks from now . Once that change is made I know you feel a difference in your life . Muhammad ali before every match would tell himself and his opponent . I’m the greatest . I’m the champ . why ? Because he wanted to believe it himself first . He thought if he could get the other guy to believe then it was true . He suffered from the same thing that all of us do . After all we all human so it’s only natural to think those things .

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