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The Battle Of Green Lawn

Embracing Some Knowledge


I call it this because it took some work .Plus the neighborhood guys did help a girl out on this one .We all at one time or another had to cut grass right . Well you guys already know my dad . He had to have it cut in such a way . Ok in short he is very picky guy about his grass. Once husbands deploy well you know that saying . Stuff runs down hill . Yeah well it was up to me to take on that labor of love . With some advice from a few friends . let’s be real ladies can you hear your husband’s voice now ? You killed my grass ? yeah that’s not happening on my watch . It still hurts my ears just thinking about that lecture.


Drops That Sweet Knowledge

As I stand outside looking at their lawn and mine . I notice something very different . There’s is way greener ,no dead spots, and just beautiful.So I Asked them what’s your trick ? He said you need to pull the choke weeds out by the root . That’s what is killing your grass .It chokes the whole lawn till it’s nothing but clovers and weeds. Here’s the breakdown of what to do .


1:Pull the choke weeds out by the roots .

2:Tilling the ground (loosen the dirt)

3:Buy at the co-op 25-08 for lawn and a spreader for the grass.

4:Wet the grass first .

5:Go over it with the spreader .

6: Repeat the process twice a week or more .



Hello Beautiful Grass


It took a lot of work . Especially including the kids in this project. Took me 3 days of work plus some landscaping . Just to til the ground and pulling choke weeds.Lawn bags are a must,with some gloves . trust me they will save your hands later.Looking at the my grass full of dirt spots . Killed me and it looked so bad . Thank goodness for video so I had to show my husband . Freakout was a very mild reaction when he saw it before . Total Time my grass took was a month to do it’s thing . Grass is now beautiful green and full . Had to go back and get some grass seed . Just for some of the spots that did not come back .Now I Am so happy with the results that I Am taking on the back yard . I’ll keep you guys updated on the results of my project. plus how the grass seed is working out on those spots .


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