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Behind the scenes tips

Attacking weakness

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired ?Want to hear about someone that got the results you have been wanting ? This is the starting point . With so many options taking a look at what works for someone is the most important one . After all we are all different right . Finding out how to stop your biggest issues maybe it’s day care for the kids, food,and which workouts would be good for your body type . At the end of the day the most important question of all is what has stooped you from getting the results you have been looking for ?


I needed something completely different that allowed me to break all excuses . Streaming my workouts is the perfect solution . pick something that fun, and fits your body type . It helped me learn to love the skin I’m in . Felt very weird at first but fun at the same time . Little by little it will come together as time passes . The learning curve was pretty great as well .

The pressure

the pressure of trying to keep up with all those in a class . I use to be so embarrassed about it . Especially when you see an older lady kicking your butt doing it . Not knowing how to use a machine ? Yeah then how much would it be to get a trainer to show you how to do it ? Which class to take or what time ? Can I make that class ? By the end of it all you just want to throw your hands up and wait away from it all .

Wrap up

There are a lot of advantages to doing it at home . Plus for me it’s most definitely easier on the pocket and coming  June 1 it gets even better . As I said before if you’re tired of being tired of not seeing results? Wanna see someone who has successfully lost 120 pounds while using these workouts ? Check out the video for some behind the scenes tips . In the end you can do this . All it takes is some action to make your vision come true .  Hope you enjoy the tips .  If you’re not working with anyone I would love to chat with your about what your goals are . After that’s what it’s all about . Taking action and getting the results.


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