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Boosting Little Girls Confidence


The Girls

Having twins is pretty scary . Now include they are girls thats even more scary . Coming from a broken home . being raised old school is so different than the times are now . where my mom would have me walk with a book on my head for good posture . when shaking someones hand make sure it’s a firm handshake .looking people in the eyes when speaking .I realize that men usually do some of the above things but it was ok in our household . Now how do I help my girls with there confidence as they grow older ?


Video Chat Starts Something New

I had a video call with some friends of mine . The girls were with me playing on the floor . While I was multitasking between the girls and the call . Naya decided to come and tell them how beautiful they all were . which lead to a conversation about how she was also smart and kind . How saying that helps little girls self-esteem as they grow . so that they don’t just think they are one thing . Thats so true we all wear so many hats that we are not just beautiful . we are strong,smart, and kind as well .

A New Saying

After that conversation you would not think that a three year old would remember . I had a musical to go today . it was a christmas show at our middle sons school . I have to brag a little bit on him because it was amazing . after the show some parents were looking at the girls and said wow you are so cute . Now my naya processes to say thank you . but also added that she is smart and kind also . My husband and I  proceeded to pick up our mouth off the floor . As the parents heard her say this they agreed with her . said yes sweetie you are and never forget it . Now thats was the top of the cake for me as a mom .for her to say that . this will continue in this household for a long time to come . what are your thoughts ?

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