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Bullying In School And Talking About it


Welcome To A New Chapter


This is my about our first born son . He has hit middle school now so this is all new to me . Bullying is never ok for anyone at all . We all have to go through it at some point or another in our life . Sadly my guess it is his time now to go through this . The hardest part about this is I want to protect him from all of this . Yeah Can’t protect him forever but we can show him how to be smarter . To be more self-confident in himself and understand that he has the power to make it stop .


Avoiding The Camera

After he let me know what was going on in his school . You guys know a trip up there had to be made to check everything out . They are pretty smart to use the crowds to their advantage . which makes it hard to keep track of in the first place . Second is always to remember it’s not what you say but what you can prove that counts . Having that talk with him about strategies he can use to defend himself is very much key . Staying in a group of his friends will help but  eventually A fight is going to break out .  After all it’s what usually happens in issues such as these .


Advice Give From Old School


Knowing that going up there that would make things even worse for him . they may call him a momma’s boy or something way worse . He has to stop this for himself in our eyes . Think about it how many times as an adult has someone not tried to bully you or someone else . this is an issue that will never go away for him and needs to learn how to deal with it . Some people out here have nothing better to do then bother others or their own home life is a mess . What do those people do ? they go out in this world and push it onto others to deal with .  People in general will hate you for the way you dress,haircut you have, and even the way you talk . There’s no escape from it . So he and his brother and father will be taking box classes .  Hopefully this is just the thing he needs to feel like he can stop this once and for all at least for now .

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