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Carb Talk

Carbs are all around and in both healthy and unhealthy foods. Carbohydrates or Carbs appear as a buzz word in many diets. Some people say they are not eating any carbs, while others work on a plan of depleting carbs. There are simple and complex carbs.

Complex carbs are comprised of sugar molecules that are long “complex” chains. These take longer to break down in the body and produce more lasting energy than simple carbs. Both types of carbs are in a lot of foods.

How Do Carbs Stack Up?

Simple Sugars

These are the sugar overload foods like candy that spike your blood sugar fast.

Refined Grains

This refers to grains or grain flour that are modified. White rice and pasta fit into this processed group.

Whole Grains

Whole grains contain the complete grain kernel. Think whole-grain pasta, and whole-grain bread.


Fruit has fructose and yes this falls into the list. Fruits are higher in carbs than low carb veggies but not as high as bread and pasta.


What falls into this basket?


Potatoes, corn, and bananas to name a few. It is not those by themselves that are the issue, it is more how they are cooked that changes everything.


Beans, chickpeas, peas, and peanuts fit into this list even though some of them have protein and fiber. It is beneficial to work some of these into your day.

You can survive without sugar but it would be hard to cut all carbs out. It would not be healthy to eliminate them all. Carbs are everywhere!

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