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Don’t Quit Before The Miracle & Easy Does It


24 Hour Challenge

We all need help sometimes . There was a time when I was not so positive in my life . As I was coming out of church one day . There was an after bible study group . We were all talking about our lives. Here I was just complaining about everything . There was an older woman there who pulled me aside and said . You have got to stop complaining my friend . It did make me stop and think a minute . She was saying the truth and so I took this challenge. To no complain for 24 hours and that first day was so hard .it eventually got easier with the daily practice.

Noticing The Difference


The daily practice of noticing those blessings and great times . They happen every day all day long . It’s almost like your stuck in a robotic mode .Once you start to flip that switch things slowly start to change. Your noticing the little great moments and times in your life.suddenly there are doors opening in your life . As we all know people come and go in life . I ‘m a firm believer people stay for a reason and a season . Once you learn a lesson then they go on there merry way in life . Needing help letting people go in life ? click on the picture below to check out our blog on that .

Easy Does it

Balance is a daily struggle for everyone . Once you find that inner peace the stress starts to fall off . The people you surround yourself with will be more positive in your life . The sun is shining and life is great . Those moments of peace are what will help make sure your being gentle with yourself.When your struggling with stress,and angry . Thats a clue that maybe theres some work to be done . For those that want to join us on our next  live discussion . click right here  live FaceBook Discussion  .

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