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Embracing Change Or Fearing It ?

Looking Back


Honestly it’s good to look back once and awhile .Taking stock of all that you have accomplished .Keeps you in some perspective about your life .We all grow up and learn something new . Evolution maybe that’s a better word for it .Life has a funny way of teaching you about yourself . Change has to be the one by far hardest to accept . I’ll let you in on a little secret here. It’s one of the most importants aspects to embrace . Think of it this way . All those lesson have been a great instructor in your life . Some of those mistakes may be made again or not . You still learned something along the way right ? Of course you did.


Growing Pains

I titled it that because that’s what it is . For every one thing you learned . It had to hurt you . to learn not to do it again . If you’re like me maybe a couple of more times .Embracing that pain . we did not understand why we had to go through .I know plenty of times I have asked why me ? you won’t embrace the lesson at the time it’s happening to you . Now after the storm then maybe you will look back .Take stock in the value of those lesson and embrace them for what they are .


It’s Your Life

At the end of the day the one thing I know for sure is this . This life however crazy,mess,imperfect it is . Is mine to shape as I wish .Grow from those challenges , dreams, and struggles . For some odd reason when I go to the nursing homes to visit the elderly . I always find one of the meanest,nasty, tempered person in that place . We end up having the greatest conversations around . I have no idea what that says about me as a person . My mom always laughs when I say that to her. I leave there and that person that was mean . transforms into a happier,calmer, joyful person . Why ? All I did was  say hi and listen to the story of his life .Actually those people help me want to embrace my life even more . As my grandmother always said don’t ask god for something ,if you’re not willing to move your feet for it .

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