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Finding Self Belief


Let The Healing Begin

The truth is very hard to admit sometimes. especially if your are fighting it on all levels.We may feel scared,angry,confused. There is a reason for all of those feelings we have.We take such great care over everyone else. Now let me ask you this are you on that to do list daily ? Now be completely honest here. Most may say nope. That my friends is part of the issue as to why your even feeling like that.Your inner bad momma shut your mouth is inside like hello! remember me here ? it’s time to listen to that inner you inside.


Poem Called The Battle


Life is full of challenge and wonder 

Sometimes it hard and painful 

Some continue to suffer 

You often wonder 

do I have the strength to rise 

Your heart is beat up emotionally to everyone’s surprise 

But still you continue to rise 

even as the dust settles 

you can’t help but wonder 

do you answer that call?

is my mind playing tricks ?

you hear that roar inside 

much to your surprise 

you can’t help but 

wipe those tears from your very eyes 

yet you still continue to rise 

With every challenge you meet 

You kick , scratch , claw your way to the top

All it took was for you to believe.

 there are many out there who often wonder

do  they have the power to rise 

to this I say it may come as a surprise 

that there is a warrior inside 

so push  those fears aside 

easier said than done 

but if you believe 

than the day is won .


How Do I do It ?

yup that could be a hard question to even answer in itself. As we are all different people so we all may have different needs. I can say I had very low self esteem from the very beginning. When I started working out is when it hit me like a ton of bricks. The loudest thought in my head was Your so ugly ! who even says that to themselves ? There are many out here just like me. That one thought made me cry so hard. after the tears I went to work on fixing that . I wrote a blog on finding my self through the written word. click on the photo below to read it .



Boundaries & Limitations

As I stayed at home with the kids all day. I started to strengthen my body first.changed my whole outlook on how I viewed things. People that used me were the first ones to go. They were only there because they used me as an emotional punching bag . Not any more buddy. Then begin digging inside yourself for those very reason for the pain. My way was going on Facebook live. Yes I know crazy as you think it is .I thought maybe there was others like me out here struggling to.

My Inner Peace

Slowly but surely I built a group of amazing friends that are always laughing. I posted positive quotes everyday to remind myself and others . That there are great things in everyday to be found if we just look hard enough. My poetry started to flow even more. Addressing many of the issues That I myself am very passionate about. Through that I found a community of fierce warriors just like me. Both man and woman alike . for those still going through it . Your not alone my friends . there is so much strength in unity but also above all don’t let anyone knock your shine.

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