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Forging The Bonds With Your Kids

The Struggle

Every deployment you look for the best way to help your family deal with the absent parent , brother, or family member . For each family is different on how they handle it . Not only do you deal with your own emotions but also everyone else’s . Going from feeling like a poor parent , to also one who has no idea how to make everything better . Can you even imagine what the solider has to go through ? Worrying about what’s going on at home and the mission as well . The struggle is the most difficult one to deal with . Not only that but where do you look for help ?

At Home Life

After my husband left the kids went into a deep depression.Trying all the regular things to cheer them up we’re not working .Cracking jokes, movies, and even junk food was thrown in there .All crashed and burned .When your kids don’t even want to get dressed to go outside to play, and eat any food .That’s when it was a doctors call that was made to make sure they were ok .When the doctor saw them . She had tears in her eyes . She has been there doctor from the very beginning. They had all lost 15 lb in a week . Now that’s when the panic began for me .Going to doctor appointments, therapy sessions, and moving in with my parents .School took a back seat to everything till they got better . My husband was so stressed out worrying about everything and everyone else . That’s when I actually wondered if We were alone in all of this .

The project begins

Once you start talking to others about this idea to help out others came . Would anyone even be interested? Talking with several others about it . Found out that there are so many families suffering from this as well as our own . So that’s where we are today . Proud to say the webinar is up and running to help those that want the help . So coming on and join us. Click here to join us

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Our mission is to help our community as a whole connect with readily available resources to restore our active an inactive military families forge the bond in their life with their families.

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