Forging The Bonds With Your Kids

Are you ready ?

Are you ready to remember what it’s like to have fun with your kids again ? Getting them to open up and finally talk about whats going on in there lives without feeling like a 007 parent ?

Discover How to Reconnect With Your Kids


Is stress driving you crazy ?

  • Remember a time when your house was filled with laughter more than silence ?
  • Does dinner time turn into a battle of the electronics ?
  • Lost and just looking for some kind of direction on how to just get them to open up to you ?


Who Is This Webinar For ?

  • you worry you don’t know your kids anymore .
  • your tired of all the worrying and stress of not being a good parent ?
  • ready to start learning how have some fun again ?
  • Are you ready to start creating some positive memories again ?

What Will Be Covered

  • Dinner time high/lows : How to get that dinner time conversation going again .
  • Switch roles : warning you may actually love this and keep it around .
  • Back in the day : where your childhood comes into play .
  • open talk and play : get your questions answered without them even realizing they are doing it .
  • focus on the positive : this is the most hardest one to learn but it can be fun .

How this will work and what do I get …

You will get access to a webinar full of strategies on strengthening that bond with your kids .

strategies on how to keep in touch with an overseas or parent that is on the road .

bonus you will be able to get a one on one phone call or web chat from me. limited to the first 7 people at the end of the webinar . where you can have a listening ear, and a shoulder to help you along the way.

There are so many military families that are coming from a broken home .Dealing with the aftermath of not only the children’s emotions but also their own . It can be a difficult thing For anyone to deal with.



Let’s start creating those long lasting memories today .

Discover How to Reconnect With Your Kids