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Letting go of People, Placed & Things


Memories Bring Pain & Joy

One of the things I know for sure is memories can be painful but also keep loved one alive  . My great grandmother raised me from when we were kids. Her passing hit me like a ton of bricks.It took me a while to be able to come to terms with that pain. The best way to keep a loved ones memory alive is to remember them. Make there memory mean something by honoring them everyday of your life.Being able to finally visit her gravesite with my children. gave me a sense of peace that was missing in my life .

The Battle Of Your Inner Demons


My grandmother always says the devil will tempt a person seven times a day. after all we are human. How do you control those demons are up to you. Learning what your triggers are is a very good start. maybe it’s keeping your stress level down , going for a walk, or therapy.they say the first step is admitting that there is a problem to begin with. talking with people and living in the moment helps. When you step outside take a breath of air and feel the warmth of the sun shining on you . Looking for help living in the moment ?click on the photo below for help .


 Hobbies And staying Busy


We are meant to be active and try new things . Changing that routine of the way you were doing things. if your always being negative change it and be more positive. listening to music,working out,avoid staying home and stay busy . The hugest excuse that we have heard is I’m to prideful and did not want everyone to know my business. Just know it takes more courage to ask for help then to just stay there without the help . My amazing friend dan carpenter helps people find help . if your looking for help with drugs and alcohol addiction . click on the picture below .

For my parents looking for some help on connecting with your kids . Join our free webinar. Just click on the picture below to get instant access.




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Our mission is to help our community as a whole connect with readily available resources to restore our active an inactive military families forge the bond in their life with their families.

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