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No longer A victim #vaultseries 1


Confronting The Fear


The funny thing about fear is you give it power. I say that because if you think about it . what’s a secret all about ?  It’s something that you don’t want anyone else to know . Maybe you’re embarrassed ? scared . You want to take your power back . Expose what was done in the dark to the light .For you can only defeat darkness by being the light .Who know maybe even judgment which is a huge issues for us all to deal with .It may surprise you the support that you may receive from the most unlikely source.


Done in the Dark

My mother always said that what’s done in the dark will come to light . Nothing will stay a secret for ever .Eventually it will all come out in the open . Then what will you do . I mean you can’t run and hide from it . We all have to confront it and deal with it all . Some my choose to live in fear . Others not so much . It’s my belief you have to truly come to terms with the pain of the past .If you’re still carrying about it . Then you’re not truly over that pain . Once you give it some air . It will be as if a weight has lifted .



Fixing The Foundation

The things that happen to us when we are young . Give us a certain foundation to build on . Some thing are better than others . Habits,fear,frustration,anger . All of that was learned .In a roundabout kind of way . We stop ourselves from being the best version of ourselves as possible .I know especially if you have a family. The last thing you want to do is affect them in a negative way right ? By attack those cracks in the foundation of your life . Your taking the trash out .


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