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Why Not Just Quit Already ?

The Dream

You start to have this really amazing idea or dream that comes to you . So you start researching on how to make it happen . sacrificing time,energy, and sleep to make it all come true . Right before the big day should be an exciting time and day . your big moment is suddenly overshadowed by this fear or doubt . those unknown thoughts start to bother you . people start to question your ideas ,tell you it’s crazy , or never going to happen . they start to chip away at that sure fire without a doubt self-belief in that dream .Now let me ask you why do you really want to quit ?


Fearing The Unknown

We all go through those moments of self-doubt but then we get over it . When you start to see a pattern of running away . Thats what is stopping you from achieving your dream . Its the it gets to hard or the what if’s make you lose sleep . Now think of it this way how many other times in your life have you faced bigger ,rougher, and tough things . You came out the champ of them all to . why now all of a sudden be scared ? it’s not that it’s not normal to have those feeling at all . maybe you need a break ,sleep or unplug ? If your having issues with self doubt click on my man steve urkel so he can help you out .


Just Keep Swimming

We all have those issues but I promise if you face them head on . You will feel scared, nervous,and want to run away . fight or flight for some people will always be flight . if you just face that fear and don’t let it stop you what will happen ? That feeling of accomplishment will take you so much farther .That adrenaline rush that you get will help you push past that fear into success . Thats how you open doors that you have never even dreamed of for you . Your gift was meant to be shared with the world out there . You will never know till you dare to walk out into the spotlight . My advice to all is to just keep swimming my friends . Because you are meant to change the world .

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