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PTSD help local to Fort Campbell KY.

Chaplain Arnold works in conjunction with mental health services. He also offers EMDR treatment, Which is a light treatment for post-traumatic stress. His phone number is 270-412-6755.

Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC):
Family Resource Center, 1501 William C. Lee Road;
Phone Number :
Office hours :
08.00 – 20.00  Monday to Thursday
08.00 – 16.00   Friday

Intervention and Prevention Services:
MFLCs provide solution-oriented consultations to individuals, couples, families, and groups. The Military and Family Life Consultant program is designed to provide support and assistance in a variety of issues. Issues can include combat stress, anxiety, grief, aggression, communication, deployment fatigue, etc. MLFCs services provide flexible appointment times, flexible meeting locations, no records are kept and services are FREE.

REBOOT began in 2011 when Dr. Jenny Owens, wife of Evan Owens and an occupational therapist at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, with a special interest in brain injuries, saw patients in therapy searching for more. She realized there was a missing link in the treatment. Physical injuries healed and mentally they were functioning, but they served without feeling.

“The question stands, along with the mental and physical wounds, can the soul also be wounded?” said Evan Owens, executive director of REBOOT Combat Recovery.

REBOOT Combat Recovery, a 12-week trauma course for the entire family, is built on the belief that the spirit of a person is also worth fighting for, Owens said. Groups are led by combat veterans, who have been through the program, using a curriculum that teaches veterans how to work through challenges.
“This program is faith-based approach centered around Christian principles but speaks to all backgrounds,” Owens said. “By the time they come to REBOOT, they are exhausted.” They offer child care as well for those that need it. just click on the link below to start your course.

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