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Sneak Peek Back At One Relationship Building Course


What Is That ?


It’s all about building a relationship as a family unit .What happens when as a parent or parents you feel like your not on the same page ? Sometimes our kids themselves sit here one parent want to go one way .The other parent wants to go the other way .Who’s right in this issue or situation ? no one because it starts to chip away at the relationship itself .It’s not about who is right or wrong .it’s all about working together as a family .Not only that but it’s also growing as a couple .when you work together as a unit .The flow is so much easier on everyone .Interested in the Free Webinar ?


Can This Work For Us ?


We have all been there and done that .It can seem like an uphill battle sometimes . When you find yourself as a couple growing apart because your both not listening to each other . thats where resentment comes in . One parents at home while the other is working .        you start to envy that freedom a little bit . They get to go out and walk away from the house .While your stuck at home to deal with it all . yup been there and done that as well . Listening is one of those things where we have to take a step back . Have an open mind when it comes to this whole process . If you both can at least agree to test out those waters . then thats where it all starts from here . The beginning of building this family back together .

Back At One


Thats why it’s called back at one . This course can be your very beginning again . You end up finding time for everyone as a family . The funny part is you end up growing as a family. Taking it day by day and watch the magic happen . As my mother was very fond of saying the grass is greener where you chose to water it .

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Our mission is to help our community as a whole connect with readily available resources to restore our active an inactive military families forge the bond in their life with their families.

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