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Sunday Fun day obstical course

Sunday Fun Day

When you have plans to just unplug after a week of running around . The plan was to just stay home . Do some laundry , schoolwork , and light cleaning after church .
After church is where it got turned around for me . Since the kids were off on Monday . Decided to make a day of outside fun . We went home changed and get back in the car . As we were driving around town . The football field came into view .

What Is A Football Sled ?

Ok a football Sled is something that helps with line technique and one on one as well . Once I saw that thing on the field had to see if I could move it . So my amazing family said let’s go . Playing the dumb girls on how To move this thing . Letting the guys show me how it’s done was fun . Then they took me for a ride on it and Almost fell off LOL . Before we moved on some more football players came on The field . Ask us what we were doing ? Busted ! Told them how the guys were teaching me some moves . Well before you know it . Got some more pointers on how we to use this thing . Swear I felt like run away bride with julia Roberts in it .

Obstacle Course Takedown

After that fun we had to go on base to take care if somethings . While driving there we saw an obstacle course just sitting there calling my name . We decided to go have some more fun on this thing . To make it Interesting we made a bet the boys win Wendy’s for dinner . Yuck on my end . If girls wins then momma gets some free time by myself . Well guess who ended up winning ? Ok truth be told a tie was had . It made me relizes how on top of the world I was feeling . How long had that feeling been missing in my life ? This time not to long ago .Doing this with my family was not even a thought in my mind . Not being able to do these very physical things made me want to change for the better .

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