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Taking Action & Balance

Lights ,Camera ,& Action


I just had to put that as the title of the paragraph . You never know how far down the road in life you effect people . You taking action benefit others from the very thing your doing for yourself. We all want to be a diamond but we are very much scared to get cut .It is very much a true statement . So many people are watching you and saying wow look at how lucky you are . It’s not luck my friend . it’s hard work that your doing to change something in your life .

Keep It Simple


The difference between a goal and a dream is this. A dream is something you don’t take action on. A goal is something you write down so that you see it everyday. Theres something magical about putting pen to paper . Thats an action your deciding to take to make that goal come true.Don’t forget to put yourself on the list as well.We as people wear many different hats everyday. How many times do we put ourselves on the back burner while we put others in front .Thats the very thing that sometimes knocks you off balance. You will find yourself feeling tired,angry,and frustrated. Having trouble with anger and hitting the pause button ? Click on the picture below



Being true to yourself is in my opinion having balance. knowing when to hit the gas or take a pause. It’s also a the very thing that we all have issues with every single day. Having balance is in a way some self-love to yourself in a way. When it’s all said and done what do you want to be remembered for ? Thats your legacy right there. Having the integrity to hold yourself accountable for things you want to do in your life . Let’s go out there and start leaving a legacy .

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