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Taking Big Steps In Your Life


You Can Be Anything


How long ago was it that we said that or heard someone tell us those words ? I can remember as a child my mother telling me this. Back then we all wanted to be a million different things in our life.Now my question is what do you want now ? Thats a huge question that we sometimes never even ask ourselves . Now grownup with maybe a family,school, and work. Things change for us as adults with responsibility, bills, and life. Our dreams do sometime take a back seat.Once we start to rediscover who we are then comes the fear .




The What If’s & Fear

The titles says it all . Thats exactly what it is. Fear that this dream will take on a mind of it’s own. Maybe you feel like I’m taking on to much with everything else. Now if we are truly being honest were are afraid of what could happen . Failure being the biggest one. I can tell you for a fact it was definitely one of my hugest ones. That fear kept me and most others from living there life to the fullest. So if you feel like your the only one . Nope, sorry your not there are many of us still out here.


Sleeping Beauty

That courage that is inside us all to do more, be more in our lives is laying dormant within us all .As everyone know I write when I feel that emotion inside. That where the birth of this poem came from .


Sleeping beauty

There lies a sleeping beauty within

We have forgotten about her so she stays within

Waiting for us to let her come out and play

When she walks confidence fills the air

Her shine makes everyone stop and silently stare

Some wish her bad and jealousy proceeds to follow her

But she doesn’t mind it because that not her problem

There is only one thing that she is lacking

That one thing is for us to take action .

life beats us all up and leaves some of us with scars

We have forgotten how beautiful we really are

Till we stop and actually listen

She wakes up from her dormant slumber

When she walks in , do you feel her Thunder ?

Always remember some will try to stop your shine

Just remember we all have our own charm

So Let our sleeping Beauty shine .


Living Your Life On Your Terms


I never saw myself as an author of a book. let alone a writer at all either . It kept coming up in different places in my life. People were connecting with my poems and asking for that. My mother always said that fear is like a bully. Confront it head on in spite of that fear and you have conquered it . It took me a while to actually be cause in the matter and do it but I did . click on the picture below to enjoy some poetry .




The feeling of being free from that fear is the most peaceful feeling ever. That confidence  that comes from tackling that fear. lets you live your life the way you want to do it. manifest your dreams and making them a reality. You don’t feel like your work at all . your just enjoying your life and being present in the moment. There are so many of us out here just existing and not truly living the life we want. we only have this one life for an uncertain amount of time. I don’t know about you but I want to live this life to the fullest .Thats what true freedom is all about.



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