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We All Have Our Own Truth



The Truth


Yes that one title is a powerful one in itself.we have have so many things going on at one time.Very often we know what it is.feeling it deep down inside of our being but yet because we fear it. Look for a way to place a little sugar on it to sweeten it. maybe to make it not such a bitter pill to swallow .All of us have some type of insecurity within ourselves. are you that friend that always holds your other friends hand. you tell them what you see;when you look at them.That’s the honest truth.



I’m Hurting On The Inside


Being vulnerable with someone is a very hard thing to do.For some odd reason we believe that nobody wants to hear our pain.they may make fun of be for being weak.I know I have had those thoughts at one time or another. Want to know something ? When I finally was able to allow myself to speak my pain out loud. People started to want to help me. they actually wanted to help me. Not only myself but others that were going through it.That’s a beautiful thing to have such a huge support. After Dark family is that support for me as well others in my life.



 Many Faces Of Self Harm


I have family members that have even gone down the self harm road.In this family bad tempers arise and blackouts happen. When you get so angry that you take a fist to a brick wall and say hey at least it’s nobody’s face. that’s a tough road to walk down but that’s how that person felt at the time. They are many ways people get there pain out not just simply by punching things,cutting themselves, and being a self destructive person. they use those tools to let that pain out.

I’m Not Afraid

Those words alone help so many. plus using the affirmation I replace fear with love. Using that affirmation helps me when I wake up in fear. yes I admit it. Fear is a very normal emotion to feel.Speaking in all honesty we feel it.true power is when in spite of that fear. you still continue to do something about it. there’s something incredibly liberating about speaking your truth and facing that fear. After all if you spend all your time running away from it. how does it feel to finally say no more running. no more hiding and looking for excuses to justify why something has to keep going on the way it has for so long without any change.


Creating Your Own Happiness


we more often than not never even stop to think what will make us happy. what do we want out of our own lives.we wrote a blog on this very subject . click on the link here to check it out.we create our own happiness . writing this poem truth came poring out of me.having conversations with others definitely inspired me to write this. when self harm is present there is no age limit to it either. it comes in all shapes,sizes,and ages.

Poem Titled Truth

We can never truly see our own strength

Always listening to the wrong type of praise

Self inflicted wounds cutting us up on the inside

We never even see our own magic bottled up like some Divine prize

Thieves don’t break into empty houses

You got a purpose

Live your life for you wherever the road may take you

Cut them loose ;the ones who attempt take from you

Your a warrior of truth now set to speak it into existence

Nobody can stop you so all you gotta do now is just believe it

You can borrow my eyes so you can see what I see when I always look at you

Then you will know what I know

That you are and always have been the unbreakable truth.

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