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What Does It Mean To Just Be ?

The Question

This has got to be one of the most burning questions ever. The one thing that would frustrate anyone on earth. When someone says just be in the moment. What the heck does that mean? That question would be burning a hole in anyone’s brain. The real question is how do you switch your brain off. In order to just be? In order to answer that question, I wrote a poem. Describing exactly what being in the moment is in my opinion.

Turning The Machine Off

That’s what I love to call the brain. Finding that it would just have planned the day. If you’re always thinking. How can you just be in the moment?Now let’s think about it for a minute. There has to be a moment in your life. Where you were just sitting down enjoying a cool breeze blow across your face. Maybe doing yard work and you stop to take a break. That’s enjoying the moment. A space in time where you just enjoy that break from whatever you’re doing. Feel like your chasing the someday victory? click on the picture below.

Stop and smelling the roses

Once we are in that moment. It’s like you stop thinking. Just enjoying that space. Opening up all your senses to what’s going on around you. Hearing, touch, and smell. That connection to your heart. We all remember when we were kids. We would ride our bikes down a hill to catch a breeze. Taking our hands off the handlebars and close our eyes? Somehow as adults, we forget to take that moment to create a memory. Not only with those around you in your everyday life. While working, shopping, and dealing with family. Time is one of the most valuable things we have. You can never get those minutes back after it’s gone. All you have is the present moment to enjoy your space. Enjoy the day and the ones who make our life worth living. For tomorrow is never promise.

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