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5 benefits of drinking tea

For The Love Of The Tea

My favorite memory as a kid was going to my grandmothers apartment. Every evening we would read from the bible and drink tea . I can still smell that yummy apple cider tea coming from the stove top, everyone had there very own mug . I remember using grandpa’s white tee shirts as pj’s as a kids and siting down to enjoy my cup of tea . Even till this day  she still drinks her tea at the same time every night to this day . Here I am 30 years later and doing the same things that I was doing when I was little except not in the same little apartment and I’am much taller now .  My love for food came from my family . Now I have one of my very own to share those memories and make some more with them . I love FOOD !!!  All things that have to do with it especially with my little picky eaters that I have now . Little did I know at that time that drinking tea had some hidden benefits.  Which I knew nothing about till I got a little older an actually did a little research. low and behold the little gems .  I also love making the tea for my Two boys since they have ADHD and I  feel its a safer way to get that caffeine boost that they need to help perform better .

1: Tea contains fluoride . Therefore tea drinking makes a significant contribution to the daily fluoride in take and to reduce tooth decay .

2: Tea has anti-cancer properties: men who drank more then 1.5 cups of green tea per day had a 70% lower colon cancer risk.

3: Just one cup of tea may boost one’s ability to solve difficult language/ mathematical problems .

4: Chamomile tea is a well know for treating stomach and sleeping problems .

5: Regular consumption of correctly brewed tea has shown to reduce oxidation of fat .

Tea and Health

Here A short video on how I make tea at my House

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