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5 Facts About A powerful fruit



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Strawberries are my favorite fruit ever since I was a little kid in jersey. My mom took us to some  strawberry field to pick them fresh off the vine . Something about  tasting it fresh off the vine was so much better. Or could have been that my mom let me do it all by myself before my sisters stole some out my basket . I think my mom had another purpose as well because she was working and wanted to get us out the house. Maybe get some of that energy out of 3 girls to. Hey now with my own kids I can understand that . Now with my own kids they very much like to get in the kitchen with me and it’s safe to say the love of food has rubbed off on them in more ways then one . In order to teach my 11 year old how to cook and prepare him for growing up he makes us lunch which you can count on it being a fruit bowl . Usually mixed with berries , bananas , strawberries and an apple . It’s fast and easy lunch for us and teaches my son how much fun it is to come up with your own ideas for lunch . I also shared with him the benefits of eating these yummy little treats which were pretty surprising when you look at them. I mean who knew that these little guys packed such a yummy little punch ?


5 Facts About The Power of The Strawberry

1:The potassium found in them can help fight strokes and high blood pressure .

2:They  have twice as much fiber then a serving of grapes .

3: 8 strawberries contain more vitamin C then an orange .

4:  Strawberries have been shown to reduce total cholesterol levels

5: Strawberries are one of the top 10 super-foods for a diabetes  meal by the American diabetes association.


Surprising Strawberry Nutrition Facts

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