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Where Is that Fire ?

The Discovery of self

What am I doing ?
That question by itself has always plagued me since I was little . Yes I wanted to do everything and love learning . Nothing ever felt right inside . I would just do things and see if it fit for me and then get bored . Where’s the challenge? Where’s the fun ? I thought I was like everyone else in this world looking for my passion . That one thing that gets you up and moving in the morning .

By George I think I found it !!

I have been through a lot of face plants . When I started this who journey from being bedridden to now healthy and enjoying life . I though maybe I could help someone out there that was just like me . That’s really how it all started . I knew there was someone out there that needed me . I don’t know how or why but I just had that strong pull to do it . Now I’m not saying it was easy to find either . I joined an amazing group to teach me so amazing things and guess what happened ??

It All fell into place

This group pushed me to my breaking point I can tell you . That’s not the point either but I enjoyed and am enjoying this journey. I have people commenting, messages, and helping . I was always good with people since I was a little girl . My husband would dislike taking me to the retreats because people would just talk with me . He was in awe of it and even asked me how I make people feel so comfortable? Slow to speak but quick to listen . I never liked sharing my back story so much but I think that time is coming where I may need to share . It may help some more people in the process . After all I have this now energy and passion for life . I can now in all honesty say I found my true self .

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