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Chasing The Sandman


Why ??

I’m one of those people that has trouble sleeping . It’s like I can’t turn off my mind from all the racing it is doing . Thinking about what needs to be done, how to get this or that . I wanted to know if there is a natural to be able to control it . As I said before once you know the why ? The how becomes easier to approach.I for one am all about being a problem solver . especially when it comes to my sleep and I . Can’t function without sleep in fact I doubt very many of us can .

Taking care of business


Once you eliminate things one by one . Till you see how you start to feel . I’m a huge believer of listening to your body . It will always tell you what’s right for you or not . it will never lead you in the wrong direction .Through the process of trying these things out . I made a list of some of them for everyone . Hopefully they can help someone get some great sleep .


Tips on sleep

1: Nothing other in bed then sleep and other things .
2: Tea will calm the mind before bed
3: Place cellphone downstairs to avoid using it while in bed
4: Sunlight blocking shades to keep the room dark
5: Bedtime always go to bed at a set time
6: burn that energy by taking a walk, exercising, yard work , swimming .
7: meditation will put your mind in a calmer state . YouTube or joe Vitale meditation ho’oponopono on apple IPhone

The sandman

Once I tried out these tips I started waking up more calmer, refreshed and full of patience for the day . You realize once how much better you start to feel . Once you finally get some great sleep . Life seems full of endless possibilities . Once you catch the sandman that is . He can definitely be a tricky guy to catch .

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