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Addiction & Recovery Resource

Dan Carpenter is an addiction & recovery specialist. Dan knows the life style in and out.

Dan is also very passionate about helping other with no judgment. He is on a mission to spread and share the truth. That there is hope for everyone who chooses sobriety out here. As long as you work your program. The two whings that keep him present. Are no matter what, we don’t drink or use. Two if he uses he will die. He now works passionately to spread that hope to other.

Not only in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Dan travels out of state to speak at meetings, schools, and online. To help others on that road to recovery. He also has a facebook page where he goes live. He covers topics based on recovery and how to work a program.

Dan Facebook Page

If your looking For an AA meeting here is a link where you just plug in your state and country. It will locate one for you. Click here to visit the link.