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Anger & Pausing When Agitated


Scared Of My Anger


When you know for a fact that you have a really bad temper. It is a pretty scary thing. For me I learned in a very early stage I have a bad temper.Leaning how to control it is an everyday change growing up.After losing my temper feeling really guilty ,sad or shamed for it.My grandmother had a great saying go pour some cold water on your face. cool yourself down and think clearly .Anger also more often than not clouds the judgement.When your looking for that clear way out in a situation .

Why Let Someone Rent Space ?

I don’t know about you guys.Me I give people eviction notices all the time.Theres a very true statement said in the video which I will share in this blog as always.”Why let someone rent space in your head”. Is that not such a great way to look at it ? Sometimes silence is the strongest thing you can ever do.Using this moment to cool down and collect my thoughts to convey my feels helps.Also using laughter to break the tension can also be used .Which in a house of six can be a challenge in itself.Laughter helps a lot with the kids .


Take A Time Out

Using that pause in a moment of anger can actually give you a moment of clarity. Some people don’t want you to say anything at all. They just need you to be there for them. Letting them emotionally vomit on you just because they have reached a limit of no return.Don’t get me wrong your not a doormat. Thats where boundaries and limitations come into play.would you like to read up more on this very topic ?

How far are you going to let it go before you say ok. Thank you for your input and good bye.some of these outlets help reduce anger

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Working out
  • Writing it down on paper and burning the paper.
  • Laughter
  • Taking A break
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