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Are You An Over Thinker ?

The Perfectionist

When you have this perfect plan . Thought it out to a T plan . Suddenly it does not workout the way you wanted it to . Do you get mad ? Get depressed? Keep pushing forward ? For some all of the above . I’m sure we all have a little perfectionist in us . We can all get in a pretty nasty mood because of it to . Even to the point of getting sick to our stomachs as well . Yup it has happened to me once or twice .We all want the outcome to be just the way we see it .

Life Happens

Let’s go back to when you first got married . Had everyone is asking when are you two lovebirds gonna have kids ? Your response : not until we are financially ready . Then you find out you’re pregnant. We always overthink it . Instead of falling in love with the process of it all . There are so many amazing lessons to learn . We end up finding out more about yourself by the outcome of it . How you as a person react to it all . You may even surprise yourself with what you learn . The opportunities that arise out of those life lesson are so valuable .They do say life happens to you not for you .

The Process

It’s all apart of the process of life . Just when you think you have it all figured out . Boom you don’t . They say to fall in love with the process of it all . Which is very much true in sense . You never stop learning or growing . With every chapter of your life . You find out more and more about yourself . That’s what makes life so amazing in itself . So here’s to the overthinker, perfectionist, and over achievers of the world . You’re not alone and I just here with you .


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