Back At One Family Relationship Building Course

Are you ready ?

Do you feel like you've tried it all?
Stop yelling !
Stop blaming yourself !
The Old ways of doing things are now over!
It's time to flip the script on the family.
Together We Can WIN !

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What would it mean to you if you could finally get them to open up and listen to you?

Not doing the very definition of insanity . which is doing something over and over again expect a different result.

being able to finally have some fun again as a family.

Most importantly building up your own self- confidance.

finally being able to say out loud mommy needs a time out.

Want to do this with the help of your partner ?

  • Are you tired of talking negatively about your child on back to school night ?
  • As soon as they ask you if there is anything they should know about your child ? you want her to know the bad before the good just in case ? than feel badly about it after .
  • You feel ashamed frustrated with yourself, than the vicious cycle of feeling like a failure, gulity, and a shamed .
  • Do you feel like you and your partner get into a argument whenever it coms to the kids ?
  • Does it feel like nobody can get on the same page ?


Then This Course Is For You !

As parents we struggle because if our child messes up .we take it personally as a parent . having been told it’s our own fault .

As parents we have the hardest jobs in the world . We battle TV,movies,video games,facebook,and friends at school.

there’s also another part to this that we have to take into account .We also need to take care of ourselves as well .

alot of those I’am lost feelings comes from not taking care of ourselves as well . we all need a time out and a date night sometimes .

I’am here as not only a coach but also a friend . My job is to ensure you feel empowered and confidant in your role.It feels awful to be lost in that vicious cycle of shame,guilt,and that you don’t know what your doing .I’am here to help you with all of that .

What We Are Going To focus on :

  1. Adjusting your routine to ensure that you’re building trust. Chores are a big part of that. Leting them know what we expect ,how we expect it done, and how to help out more at home. Can we say free some time up !
  2. Mindset work. It all starts with you. this is about self-reflecting, how your feeling, and where your thoughts are at.
  3. Support. you don’t have to do this alone and you shouldn’t have to .A big reason you’ll start seeing results is because you will have some support .no judgment free zone
  4. Learn to have some fun again as a family. Let’s face it. It’s a thin line we walk betwen parent and friend. It does not have to be all work and no play.
  5. In depth coverage of the Five topics Discussed In our Free webinar.

Dinner time high/lows : How to get that dinner time conversation going again.
Switch roles : warning you may actually love this and keep it around.
Back in the day : where your childhood comes into play.
Open talk and play : get your questions answered without them even realizing they are doing it.
Focus on the positive : this is the most hardest one to learn but it can be fun.



This will take time and work . It won’t be easy but I promise you it will be worth it all .

What’s Included ?

1-on-1 Support
Goal Planning Session
Unlimited email, text, and facebook messages with me.
1-on-1 strategy sessions with me to come up with a game plan.

Let's Start Building ! Sign Us Up

Why Me ?

Before I tell you how , let me tell you why ? Because it’s very important to me . While my husband was deployed the kids went through a deep depression . They stopped eat, not playing , not even wanting to get dressed anymore . I took them to the doctor and had found out they lost 15 lb in a week .

So They had some intense therapy , and we moved in with my parents . I just wanted to get them somewhere around family . Maybe it would help them . I was desperately trying to figure out how to help them . Thank goodness the health care we have helped but more than anything . Not only dealing with there issues but also my own . Never telling anyone but family what was really going on with us . I learned two things out of that experience . One I needed to bond with my kids more and school took a back seat for a minute . Two were there other parents just like me ?

Our goal is to help 200 families create 5 postive new memories by the end of 2018 . we are dedicated and commited to doing just that .

Let's Start Building ! Sign Us Up
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