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Baring The Soul

Poetry and emotion

Yes I know this is going to be a real shocker for you guys . I write poetry !! Ever since high school it was a way to express myself . I even have a huge lisa Frank notebook . Well I just told everyone how old I am on that note . Ha ha right teenage romance aside . It made me feel great to get all of those emotions out .

Confession time

I never really let anyone beside family read my poems . A lot of people really liked them so much . They thought I should submit them for publication . Yeah that’s not happening at all . I feel like my poems bare my soul . It’s like a glimpse of myself with the everyday masks we all wear . Plus sharing my heart with anyone is very scary thing to do .

Leaping right now

I decided to share it now because I had just came across it . You will be surprised what you find when cleaning out a  purse and found it right there . I wrote it at a time when my husband had left for deployment. I had just given birth to our first baby . Three months later he left . It’s a sad reality that we all face . Especially active duty or any branch of service for that matter . As time went on he would share how the sand looked . What life was like over in Iraq . I had this idea in my head about how it all looked to me . I wrote it down in a poem on my lunch break at work . When I read it to my husband he started to get teary eyed . He said this brings back so many memories of the beginning of our relationship . So I thought I would share it with everyone .


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