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Battle Of The Beds

How Will You Survive


Yes that why I titled this paragraph this . Sometimes when your out numbered by the kids . It’s all that keeps you going . You use whatever works . Since having the twins that’s what it feels like somedays . Talking with some wives about how they get sleep . They all said look pick your battles . Once the husband gets back . Deal with it then since Having older kids . Someone’s has to wake them right ? So in the bed they went till daddy came home . Now that he is home comes the real work .


What To Do ?

As soon as the first night happened . He even said we have got to take care of this issue ASAP . That night they had us on the edge of the bed . While they took the rest of the it . Laughing about this while writing it . If you guys could actually picture it . You guys would laugh to . They would actually wait or fight to stay awake . Before we knew what to do . It was 5:00 am and time to get one of the kids up .  Both running fuses here so once I had some girl time to chat with others about it .



Light bulb Idea

They gave such a great idea . It was to buy the girls some new bed sheets and comforters . That it had worked for them when there kids were small . If we had a TV in there to put there favorite cartoon on . See if maybe they would fall asleep on there own in there . So they could self soothe themselves to sleep without us . To walmart we went to get them there new bedsheets . At this point it was a Hail Mary pass . Minnie Mouse came to the rescue because Naya loves anything to do with Minnie Mouse . As soon as we got home and put the bed sheets on there bed . They wanted to get in it . Even asked for there favorite cartoon to be put on . Shocking as it was for us they stayed in there beds .  They will come upstairs to ours around 4:00 am . They still drink a sippy cup of milk and will hop in the bed with us . At least momma and daddy are on the way to having a somewhat child free bed again .








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