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Being The Hero Of Your Own Life




The hardest thing to come to terms with in ones life. You live in this world of smoke and mirrors.Thinking I can fix this!how can you solve everyone’s problems but your own.Truth eventually comes crashing down on you like a landslide. Once you take that look around it can be the most painful and liberating feeling in the world.Note to all my amazing friends we have all been here before. have two choices to make.Now that you see the light your either going to get up and fight or feel sorry for yourself . both choices will cause you pain.The real question is which one will you choose?

Blinded By The Light Of Truth


yes I titled it that because the truth can be blinding.someone once said forgiveness is for yourself nobody else.what they don’t tell you is the guilt you feel for making whatever choice it was that cause said pain.The weight of responsibility comes with the knowledge that this is your life to fix and shape as you see word of advice don’t let anger,revenge ,depression or guilt turn you into something your not.healing takes time and distance to pick up the pieces that were broken.the beauty in it is what kind of art you can create from that sadness.


I Can ,I Will

This phrase was told to me by my mother. Whenever she is scared to do something or feels powerless to change things. She says this to help conquer her fear. it’s a normal feeling to fear something. Fear can lead someone to be at a stand still in life. Fear of failure,loss or starting over again in life.I offer this don’t be afraid to get to know yourself again. take this opportunity to ask yourself . what do you want ? always remember you are valuable beyond measure.


Now What ?

Yes that has been a thought I even had at one time or another.nothing doesn’t ever go as planed. but it can become better then you ever imagined it to be.we are not defined by the mistakes we’s how we learn and grow.self esteem is the tough one as well. Negative Nancy  what I like to call that part of me.instead of running away once she starts talking. Let me be even more transparent than that .she will say your nothing! your stupid! nobody will want you ! just to name a few and guess what she is wrong.. But I always thank her for sharing.


Self Love & Healing

The ability to be honest with yourself is not the easiest thing to do.knowing that you need to nurture some love for ourselves an be the tough. always looking after everyone else while your needs are put on the back burner.This is where my thoughts went to when I wrote this poem titled the crown.Remembering that it’s OK to take a stand and say no more to whatever or whoever is leaving your emotional balance in the negative. it’s makes you strong beyond belief even if it doesn’t feel like that at times.



You maybe traveling the road of darkness
But you soon will see the light
Even if you don’t that’s no fault of mine
Denial maybe the saddest thing ever but it is the realest
Hugest demon that steals more love and kills the souls of many
That never even know they were giving there life to feed it
For the day your eyes finally open you might go blind by the light of truth
The truth may even hurt you
But always remember you can be the hero instead of the victim
Get up and stand up proud in that conviction
Oh and while your at don’t forget your crown to.


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