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Hydration Matters

The most common rule to stay hydrated is to drink lots and lots of water. Many say the guideline is to consume eight 8oz glasses, which is also known as... Continue Reading

Speaking Up

Afraid   I know that I strive to be truth about some experiences.things that happen to me or others in my life.the truth for me is that I lived in... Continue Reading

Obstacles Can Improve Workouts

There are multiple kinds of obstacles in our everyday life as well as in our fitness. Roadblocks and obstacles are hiding around each corner trying to prevent us from reaching... Continue Reading

2019 Hello!

2019 is upon us. Are you all ready for this? Do you have your goals all planned out? Could you use a few pointers to get a good start this... Continue Reading

Hummus Your Way

Hummus is popular and is a great snack for all occasions and even every day. One of the best things about hummus is the ease of making it at home.... Continue Reading

This Is Me

Who am I Life is definitely a journey. Full of twists and turns. So it should come as no surprise that during those times.We need to take some time to... Continue Reading

Leg Strength Goals with HIIT

Do you have goals that include leg strength? The secret weapon is being rumored to be the use of two 30-minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts in place of... Continue Reading

When It’s Time To Let Go

  Wisdom From Our Elders   Defiantly love talking to our elders. They just possess such wisdom in almost all matters.As usually what happens a question pops up in my... Continue Reading