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Breaking The Kid Language Code

Ears Open , Mouth Shut

Yes The title says it all folks .Most of the time that’s how we all feel . It goes through one ear and out the other. We actually sometimes may want them to just open their ears and just listen . When you hit that wall as a parent , You will do anything to get over it to understand it . The How to get them to open up and talk with you . Maybe the grades are starting to slip, teenager on your hands ,or the girlfriends comes into the picture . Especially if a parent is in the service .

Parent Taking Notes

This is where we start to go over in our brain how to do it . Talking with there teachers helps since they spend almost 8 hours with 25 kids in a class . maybe they have some tricks up their sleeves to get them to listen .When asked they gave a really amazing advice like having them write whatever it was they did wrong on paper . Sometimes kids are more willing to admit what happened on writing or saying it face to face . When the kids went to the therapist’s he would have them playing with different toys . Then while they were playing he would ask his questions . The crazy thing about this method it actually worked . Letting them take the lead on something at home . Just to name a few things that were tried .


Applying what you learn

So taking all of this information and putting it to the test . The greatest feeling in the world as a parent is when they finally open up . Telling you what’s on there mind , there feelings , and what they are thinking about . Giving you that inside peek into their world . makes you feel like you earned that trust . Not only that but it actually starts to be fun . Playing with them and letting them run with it . Seeing your kids grow and learn while trusting you at the same time . You eventually start seeing your little minis as little growing people . That’s the best feeling in the world . It brings a little tear to the eyes because that’s a beautiful moment that you never thought you would have .

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