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Breakthrough Happened !

 Looking Back


Ain’t it fun how it happens like that . Just before we embrace on a journey. We look out at it . All we can see is the struggle,hardship and painful it’s going to be . The lack of sleep,Sacrifices we are going to have to make . Somewhere I heard that we are either at the start , middle or end of something going on . It’s so very true how those breakthroughs happen when we are not  looking for it .


The Deployment Worry


When you have never done something before . The unknown can be a very scary experience . Having to deal with everything by yourself . Even more so but can be eye opening . The thoughts of can you handle it all . The family,school,work,and chores all together . I really thought I could not do it alone . Had to learn how to weed wack ,lawn care, and turning into Mrs fix it . Good times they were . Now I actually am enjoying it all . What once seems so overwhelming is now a joy . Ok not all the time but the most turned into a bonding time .


Enjoying Being Mrs.Fix It


Now my family loves helping outside now . Last weekend my boys went outside . They waxed both our cars . Yes I freaked out at first . After I made sure they did the waxing the right way . Looked great and they were so proud of what they did . They even ended up helping me with the lawn . Ok not for long as I think the lawn mower is a little too strong . My oldest is twelve years old but we had a push one back in the day . Mine is a self-propelled one that helps you move forward . That’s life in general right . How something so scary can actually after it’s all said and done be a blessing . Shows you how truly strong we really are . After all it’s not the way you start the journey but what we learn about ourselves in the process of it . That’s makes a difference in how we see ourselves.

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