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When You Can’t Keep A Secret

I love surprises

All of you know my husband’s deployed . When it comes down to the single digits of a deployment. Your overjoyed,excited,and nervous. If you’re like me I can’t keep a secret at all . I can honestly say I have been like that since I was a little girl . To even go as far as saving my birthday money just so I could buy gifts for my family to surprise them . So since I can’t keep a secret for anything I just did a live on it . Hey the kids have no idea , my husband has no idea so this is going to be a great double ┬ásurprise for them both .


The Plan Of Attack


I’m going to have my sister watch the kids the night I go pick him up . I’ll just tell them I have a charity event to go to so yaya AKA my sister is going to watch them . Now my husband thinks he is getting a rental car at the airport . Since I already switched out cars so he won’t be expecting me in my sisters car . He will be sending me his flight information so I will be covered with that . I’ll just wait for him to come out the airport . Then on to surprise the kids .


The Kids Surprise

They will be off and out of school so we have to get sneaky here . Yes my kids are beyond mosey . They will be on the look out waiting for me to pull up . I definitely will be using my camera phone for this video as we don’t have an memories like that . Got a tripod so hopefully I can get their reactions on video . I almost wish I could a live stream of it . I feel like you all are apart of this family . As such have held us together as we pass this year long deployment. I just would like to say thank you all for all the love, support, and most of all your time . After all that is the most important thing you can ever give someone is your time .



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