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Changing Up The Routine


Figuring Out What’s Not Working


We all wear so many hats in our lives . The inevitably of hitting that wall comes . Where your just lost . It happens to the best of us sometimes That robotic mode is very comfortable . Let’s face it there comes a point where you have to drop those truth bombs on yourself . Most of the time you just need to do some serious work and soul searching to find it . We all need that challenge to go back to the drawing board and think outside the box . My mother always said success with cost you something weather it’s time,sleep or money . sometimes it cost you all of those . most of the time just some . Thats when you have to change up the game plan . Are you having trouble saying what your goals are ?click here for help .


Experimenting With The Routine


What did you do ? In our household we are constantly change up the routine as the children get older .  Looking at how and where you spend your time in a day is the most important thing to do first . Is it Facebook scrolling,talking to friends ,school, and other things . Choose someone that your absolutely scared of letting down . That one person that is going to be so honest with you and call you out .Give yourself a timeline to try out this new routine and how many times your going to check in . It may take a 4 AM wake up call to start your day . Trust me thats the time we do it over here . Make sure That you take care of yourself first and foremost . That 30 mins in the morning with just my thoughts and some coffee before anyone else is up . It’s been the key for me in my case to be more productive .Some type of wake routine weather it’s yoga ,walk around your neighborhood ,or run . Thats to just wake up your body and some self-reflection time .



You Got Your Groove Back


Before you know it check in time has arrived . Then the person that is holding you accountable to your goals . After all why do you think this blog is being created . Helping other create a more happy, centered , self is so very important . After all think of it this way  . What would happen if you went down or got sick,can’t work ? If you don’t love yourself first how can you take care of others .Once you realize how much better ,calmer, and happier you are with yourself . Thats how you know the sky the limit and then watch out world . Thats when your going to become unstoppable .

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