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Children & Drugs 101


The Talk

For a parent this can be the most difficult talk to have with your kids. It’s a subject that is very vast. As a parent you want to be proactive especially with all we are up against.Peer pressure ,music, and the generational gap that we have. So thats why We felt it is a conversation worth having. After all some drug use beings at and around the ages of 8 to 12 year olds. That was the most shocking information to find out to me . We sat down and had this important talk. A huge Thank you to my teammates Stephanie Myers,Sarah Crusinbery, Kristi Lynn,and Jamie Waller. Huge thank you to Mike Gambo for sharing his perspective on such an important topic. My Whole Operation Clean Recovery crew and Sisters of serenity page on Facebook . click here to like and join :Sisters of Serenity

Children & Drugs 101 panel

With our children we talked from a point of this is what we saw growing up. having to grow up in the lower income housing . Stepping over needles and seeing active usage in the streets of new York in the 70’s . Also the music and culture do play a huge factor in Glorifying that world to our kids. the music has evolved so much to rap in . It use to be cool to just talk about whats going on in the streets . verses being the drug dealer . Quoting Mike Gambo . I loved that statement alone because it was very much to true. We have articles on addiction and recovery on our team website Operation clean recovery .

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Mike Gambo is a writer,Recording artist/Management
Entrepreneur/Philanthropist . if your need his help just click on the link below .

Mike Gambo

A Change At Home

going to a parenting class to get some perspective on our children. They focused on being on top of your kids for every mistake. I was taken back by that form of parenting . Imagine if someone was following you every step of the way. picking apart everything you do. I can’t imagine the self esteem issues. In my opinion spending time with them ,talking with them,playing outside. will help this talk become easier to have. hopefully this video will help some have this very important talk . we support all ways of getting help in this life . there not just one way of getting helping . We support you, love you , and hope this panel discussion helps spread that message even more .

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