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Chopped Steak With Onions Marinate

Family Favorite

I had to do a throwback to my family roots in this episode. Why ?? I had some memories of cooking with my family as a little girl today . Sometimes a girl just needs to connect with what comforts here the best . For me it’s food as it’s something that we always love to take part in . As I said before lady’s are always in the kitchen and cooking while the guys are out back grilling and playing music ?.

The Family

As a child I can recall the times my grandmother would be in her little apartment . She would sit me at the table and give me a plastic grater, bowl , and whole nutmeg.She said Stephanie get to grating that nutmeg so we can put it in our black coffee .
We would always do it together at that table . To this day the smell of nutmeg brings me back to that memory. She said the secret ingredient to making food taste good is love .

Family Remix

Now my grandmother always said if you can take food out , cut up some vegetables, and season then you can cook . I try on some things to keep it as close to my family recipes we grew up eating . Some of them are not to good for you . I just try not to use as much in the recipe and see how it comes out . I learned the eyeball method  . As I said before I learned from my grandmother and father . So If you asked them how much of this to put in it . They would say I don’t know I just eyeball it . Yea Thanks guys for that which can be frustrating in itself so I will try to break it down for you the best way I can .

What You Will Need :
Olive oil
Garlic powder
White distilled vinegar
Half an onion

Take the meat and put it in a bowl or plastic bag . Then cut your onion in slices and throw that in . A tablespoon of olive oil ,pinch of oregano . Half a pack of sazon Goya on the meat . Now take the meat and one by one cover it with adobo , and garlic powder both  sides . 1/4 of a cup of white vinegar and cover or zip up in plastic bag for 30 mins
The longer the better .Then take your pan and fry it up and serve .
I pair it with brown rice , beans, and a banana on the side like I did tonight .

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