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Conversations Brings Forth Amazing Moments


The Past Pains

From my experience, the past can definitely leave you jaded. Depending on what happened that left it’s mark on you. Take for instance when I was a child drawing a picture for my father of the family. he just said to me why did you draw this? As a child in my mind, it hurt my feelings. In my mind, I associated it with feeling unwanted. the next day a big group of children surrounded me in the schoolyard. pushing me and making fun of me for being cross-eyed and having coke bottle glasses. it also left me feeling like something was wrong with me.


The Armor Against The Pain

From then on I decided that nobody would ever have the power to hurt me again. The filter that you apply to all things painful in life. Whenever life got painful it just reinforced those two feeling for me. I was unwanted and unworthy of love. After a certain point and time in life. You start to learn better as life goes on. The simple conversations you have with friends and family bring you some amount of peace. After all your still scared to be completely honest with your feelings and pain. When your kids help you understand what self-belief truly is.Click here to read  A Lesson In Self Belief From Kids



Puting Down The Armor

There is something incredibly powerful about being in a group setting. The experience of having people share their different pain points in their life.Helps to put down that armor be more easier. Once You share that pain point with others. it’s like a weight has been lifted off of you. Your seeing life through some unfiltered glasses for the first time. It leaves you with the knowledge of how much weight you really were carrying around, to begin with.Now I know I’m able to live my life to it’s highest potential.

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