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Dealing With Haters ? Let’s Chat


Hater On Parade


Yes those are very much true words if I ever saw them . We all have those in our life . They just love to sprinkle your life with negativity,drama,doubt, and bad wishes . Think back maybe to a time where someone just wished all of that for you . Maybe you don’t even have to think that far back . The truth fact and the matter the world is full of people just like this in the world today . We can’t stop the parade from stomping but we can control how we let it effect us .

Building Stronger Foundation


Weather you realize it or not they are actually helping you right now . After all how would you find those weak spots in our life without someone to point it out . It takes so much more energy to put out hate than to put out love . They also show us where to fortify to build you up as well . After all we are very much still human and are constantly changing and evolving  to be better in our life . As my mother always said it has to rain in order to reap your harvest . Those moments help show you what your made of . how to dance in the rain that those very hard time bring to us all .


Dirt Off Your Shoulders


To quote Jay z get that dirt off your shoulders . Yes it is so true . Sometimes a chip on your shoulder can throw off your whole balance in life . After all no body ever hurt there eyesight by looking at the brighter side of things in life . They often give you an even greater platform to grow and learn about yourself more than ever . There is strength in silence sometimes . After all when a tiger walks into a jungle . It does not have to roar in order to announce it’s here . The jungle already knows they are here . stand in your strength and let it shine for all to see .

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