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Do You Feel Drained ?

Givers & Takers


Life has that balance of give and take.which we all know but sometimes we give to much. we wear a lot of hats. have so many roles to play in life that we never stop to think.maybe I’m giving to much. After all we never stop to actually take a look till something major happens.exhausting or your body just says I can’t do it anymore. Then we take stock and account of what we still have.This my friends was the hardest lesson to learn.Listen to me when I say this .it comes from a place of love and respect. It’s ok to say no.




These are the people that I like to label all actuality we allow them to do it to us. drain us of our energy. attitudes are so very contagious and being around someone that is in that negative mindset will do just that. We learned early on to be givers and give ,give give till we have nothing left to give. then if we ask for something labeled self fish. no my friends. you have value ! you have a purpose . Respect your emotional balance. by all means we all have the rules of life to follow. We also have a choice for how long as well.


What works for me in those times . where I need to do an internal check list. I turn on my pandora meditation music . I allow myself to just sit there and feel . If you listen to your body it will tell you exactly what you need. it’s designed to do just that. it could be rest, a breather,write something. That music just creates that space where I can take time for just me. Now I have toddler twin girls so nap time Is my honor time.

Taking notice

This week for some odd reason seemed like this was the topic of choice. Have you ever heard of synchronicity ? well it’s like coincidence that people were feeling the same way as me. theres patterns that happen sometimes all around us . if you take notice to it. you can usually learn when you need to take a step back. for me anger or rage because lets face it .I’m not like that . nine times out of ten when that happens it’s because your not being true to yourself. well it’s true for me . not taking time for just me.

Write it out


You all know that my favorite thing to do in these times is to write it out. Have you ever just written something so emotional that when you go back and read it . your like holy sugar did that just come out of me ? had one of those moments today. sharing those thoughts and feelings out for the world to see. it helps others realize even me sometimes. That nobody has it all together as we may seem to. I’m a human being just like everybody else. I fall and rise as well. here a new poem all about it .


Draining You

When you become the light

That’s when demon start to take flight

The same amount of energy you give out

Is the same amount of negative energy that will try to take you out

If your not careful or practice self care

Your emotional balance will never be in the clear

When you feel that anger and rage going on inside

It’s time to take a step back and check your list twice

For If your not careful people will drain you

Like Snow White who ate the poison Apple

She never saw it coming for she was so pure

Always had a good heart and took great care

All it took was for one slip

And she end up in a coffin

Don’t you remember that lesson ?

Clarity comes to those through the harshest lessons in life

Why must we be so hard headed

All it took was for Snow White to close her eye

To just see the light

No longer drained woke up refreshed for a fight

You saw Snow White turn into the the prince

She sladed her dragon at least that’s how I believed her story should end

Now hear this

Once and for all there are dragons out there

Trying to break us and drain us all

My one advice to you is to keep your emotional balance in check

Because if you don’t those dragons will drain you and leave you for dead .


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