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Dropping Some Tips On Relationships

Life lessons

I have been married for a while now . Ok 14 almost 15 years . I love sharing life lessons that I myself have learned along the way . Maybe it will help someone out there . Let’s be real here relationships are hard work . Not only friendships, workships,familyships and so on . Yes I made up those last two words . Ha ha we could all use some advice every now and then . Plus being a middle child you get your added bonus of learning what works . Mainly because your sisters make the mistakes and you learn what to do and what not to .

Here’s The Good

1: refocus and take a timeout when in argument mode
2: learn the motto be slow to speak and quick to listen
3: when really mad at your spouse,partner,friend,kids look at pictures from a happy time .
4: never go to bed mad
5: talk it out when you calm down

Peace in life

Following these steps have helped me have a more happy, healthy relationship all around . I can even apply them in different ways to help address which area of my life needs it the most . When you’re happy and peaceful about those relationship your life gets better . Your smiling and glowing because you’re just happy beyond compare . When you feel good it will show on your face . Let’s face it who does not want to have that happy glow.



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