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Ever Feel Forgotten ?


Busy Person ?


Are you just like most of us here? Yes ,,I knew the answer to that before I even asked the question. When your a busy person all that time and care goes into others. Sound familiar ? Your not the only one in the world that deals with that issues. We all have gone through that feeling at one time or another. Before we know it we have forgotten all our hopes,dreams, and goals. Most importantly who the heck we are as a person. It does not make you a selfish person to ask those questions.



As the years pass by you start to notice things.More and more like there is a pattern that is always done.  by this time there are some feelings involved such as anger,resentment,self pity to name a few. Somehow you feel like everyone has forgotten about you. even the most important person. you yourself forgot who you are as a person. That is the time when you want to change something about yourself. If you share your feelings your weak and someone may let everyone know what your going through. if you don’t share your feelings it will eat you up inside to the point that you may need professional help. What to do ?


Where The Title Came From

Writing is my outlet and where I release much of those emotions. I can remember being at that point myself. First I will say this this to shall pass. Your not alone at all we all go through it at some changes everyday but always get that me time in for yourself. even if you have to take the long way home from work . trust me there were plenty of 5 minutes in the car by myself just to be able to get some alone time. kids will find you everywhere.

The Forgotten Ones

The ones that everyone see as strong.
They never bothered to ask how your doing all day long.
Always has a kind words for everyone else.
Gives to other except to ourselves.
This is the story of that the forgotten one carry.

We wear a mask of strength and grace.
But inside we’re suffering wondering how we make it to the next day.
We are careful to never let the mask slip.
For if we do someone might ask a question or two.

This is the story of the forgotten ones carry .

No one sees the stress and pain we are under .
We are fighting the battle of addiction, cancer , PTSD, and being a single parent or others.
When the burden gets to hard we go to our knees.
We look for prayer , hope and joy . Trying so hard to make us just believe.
Hold on one more day so some others offer us some saving grace.

This Is the forgotten ones story of burden.

Some may see our burdens as strength.
That keeps us forgotten one in the fight.
That one time we think it’s all over Something whispers inside just give it one more try.
Somehow that whisper gives us the strength to continue to rise.
Breathing into us that feeling of being alive.
This is the story of us being no longer forgotten because we are all just trying to live our life Day by day and night by night .

To Thine Own Self Be True

William Shakespeare said it best with that saying. We have to put ourselves on the daily task lists everyday. Doing so will help keep you very well connected to who you are as a person. Your not only just a mom,wife,student,or worker. You are a person as well and you mean so much to this world. always remember there is nothing wrong with asking for help . if those burdens in life get to heavy and your shoulders get tired from the weight of them. please seek help from your doctor if not taking to your partner ,friend,or family as to whats going on with you. By simply reaching out they can give you the help that you need. there is such strength in unity.


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