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Ever Felt Lost And Asked What Now ?


House Warming Party


Of course when your baby sister gets her first house . You celebrate it with a sangria and BBQ party . While she was putting the grill together the girls get to talking . The conversation turned to the subject of losing your identity . After being out of the work force for a while she wanted to get back out there . It can be so discouraging ,depressing , and just not good at all .

Find Your Passion


I heard someone say find something your great at , and learn how to get paid for it . Everyone has a talent or a gift That’s what I believe . Research a trade or job related to the talent or gift you have . If you want to be on TV . Try and find somewhere you can get job working in a television studio . Great public speaker ? See if you can work with the best public speaker in your town . When your passionate about something it shines through . It helps you learn how to be the best at what you want to do . before you know it . Your no longer dreaming or wishing bout doing it . Your taking action on it .


Riding The Wave


Life has a funny way of coming at you . Don’t lose hope if it doesn’t happen right away . Fighting the current will just make you tired ,lose motivation , or just giving up . Sometimes doors close so a better one can open up . A friend of mine went to a job location once . Just showed up with her resume . Talked to the manage because she made that move . The manager saw her passion and initiative . Hired her on the spot because of it . I asked her what made her think to do that ? Her response was she wanted to try something different . Guess sometimes it pays to just do something different .


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