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Finding The Peace

Stress Out

You guys have never heard me say those words before right ?? While dealing with everything . You experience a new found wave of exhaustion . When you get to the point of no return .Emotionally hit that point and it’s very normal to hit it .When you’re about to take on a huge emotionally draining vault . I honestly think that’s what was stressing me out so much . The fear of that raw emotion that I was about to embark on .I’ll be honest I’m scared .We all needed a break out of our own head and the kids needed a break period . Sometimes we forget that they can feel the stress sometimes.when a parent is not doing so well . The mask of strength was slipping and I needed a break .


Going Home to Mom

What is it about just going home brings you such peace ? I have no idea .Why but it always works.Once I got there the kids started to just have a blast .Running and playing outside .She just took the kids .I’ll be honest I needed that more than I needed a vacation to the tropics . It easy to forget sometimes during times where you have to do it all .That everyone needs that break .We all get tired at times.Me as a mom yea me too .We love Our kids with all my heart but I needed that breather. Laughing with family is the added bonus of that .There’s just something so comforting about it. Being that little crazy coke bottle glasses kids who loved books her whole life . I would even wake up two hours early just so I could read my books.


We all need that reminder sometimes . That we are strong enough for what lies ahead . Resting or asking for help is not a sign of weakness . It may even lead you to find that inner peace . That we all go searching for in life.


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