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Forging The Bond Interview

Event Breakthrough


There are moments in life where . The journey has been so rough that you just can’t believe it’s over . After that journey the emotions from it all are still there . you have to be strong for everyone else in the family .Often believe that children can feel the tension between parents and even the mother at times . An event that I had missed out on going because the air condition unit broke . The money I was going to use for the event would have went there . Since that was out of the question another one came around . The very first ninja con it’s called .


 Gut Feeling


There was just a pull from the start for me to go to this event . I had the money and just had to decided weather or not I wanted to go . My mother always told me follow those guts feelings when you have them . Thats what I did and boy did I ever not expect for that one event to change me more then I care to admit . See all those emotions were still locked inside of me . Leave it for a group of woman to knock down those very walls that were put up to keep me going .


Forging The Bonds


From this group of woman I emptied my heart and soul in front of them . All that pain felt they took it off my shoulders and made it there own . From all that pain lessons came back to me . Things seen and felt with my kids and family . I was determined after that to not another family go through something like that without help . If I could be the bridge between that gap then so be it . The problem was am I the only family dealing with this issue ? Melanie was my roommate since we had assigned rooms . she heard my mission ,passion breakthroughs . Interested in our FREE webinar ?

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Our mission is to help our community as a whole connect with readily available resources to restore our active an inactive military families forge the bond in their life with their families.

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