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Fresh Fish Recipe

The Challenge Of The Fish

So I have begun to dive a little deeper into the comfort zone here . Confession time I don’t like fish . Yes you read that right I don’t like fish . For as long as I can remember my mom has tried to force me to eat all kinds of seafood to no avail .So when you get married to a guy as luck would have it that loves seafood . You must embrace the fear and let it go . So I went to work on the challenge of overcoming that fishy taste of fish .


The Take Down

I researched the heck out of the recipes for all different types of fish .Tilapia was my first take down . It always tasted fishy and that dark line it had I just could not eat it . Plus I really wanted to give some of these recipes an overhaul . I wanted it to taste yummy ,healthy, but be a rebel . The birth of the swai fish came to me and saved me . It tasted not fishy at all and I could do the same things with it that I did to tilapia . The real test came when I served it up to my family of picky eaters .  The shock and surprise when they ate it all made me so happy . Plus the bonus was that it was also fast and easy so that was a check in the plus section in my book .

The Side Dishes


You can pair it with brown rice, garlic roasted red potatoes,and a salad . You could also meal prep this the night before if you want to like I do for my husband since he loves it so much . In fact I’ll just be honest here because that is  how we do it . We have been known to eat it for breakfast the next morning . Which is fine by me since we can all use a break from the pancakes,eggs,and turkey bacon every once and a while . Hope you enjoy this recipe .


Fried Swai Fish Recipes :

can of 3C gluten free seasoned bread crumbs

olive oil

2 eggs

swai fish

crack eggs and beat in a bowl . then pour some bread crumbs on a plate .Dip fish in eggs and make sure both sides are covered in the eggs . then cover the fish with the bread crumbs . only put enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the frying pan . ( note make sure the oil is hot before you put the fish in the oil ) wait till you can see it brown along the edges of the fish . flip it to the other side . Once both sides are golden brown your done .

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