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Are Your Goals Going Up In Smoke ?


The Busy Helper Bee


The reason the title is names this is we have all been there . At one time or another in our life . We have all these dreams and goals for ourselves . Then life happens along the way . Somehow we lost who we once were . Our wants ,needs, and dreams for ourselves . How can we as parents,aunts,uncles, and mothers . Tell our children they can be anything they want to be . Yet we continue to not for fill our dreams and goals . Why can’t we ? We are to busy with life to pursue our own goals ? Come on let’s be real . The truth is we get so busy helping everyone else that we forget about ourselves .


Taking A Closer Look


So now that we had a huge reality check . Next question is what steps can you take everyday to help you reach your long and short term goals ? Break it down It down into steps that you do everyday . Keep a log of those steps and from what time to what time you stop . Look at this log everyday at least five times to make sure you’re on track . Those little steps you take will add up to something big . At the end of that week grade yourself on what you were able to accomplish for that week . Then figure out how to make your second week even better than the first .




Living The Dream


Before you know it . Slowly but surely things will start to change for the better . Think of it this way . How does water make a hole through the rock ? By hitting it continuously day in and day out . That’s exactly what this plan is all about . Believe or not once you start working towards that goal . You’re even going to notice how much change is going on . You’re going to take notice on how you look and feel differently since starting to work on yourself . Think of it this way . You’re making yourself a better person all around by crushing those goals . Maybe even discover things about yourself you never even knew . That my friends is a beautiful thing to feel . Self confidence is a beautiful and powerful feeling In it’s own right .



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