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Hitting That Emotional Wall


Noticing The Block ?


I say this because it has happened to the best of us.Growing up being raised that a listening ear can also be a running mouth.We learned at a very young age to not be so trusting of everyone you meet in life .Then you grow up to realize that when it comes to your emotions . I don’t like to let people in very much . going to this event where there was an exercise. This exercise you had to create something from a pain point in your life. Heres where I noticed that block .


Being An Emotional Person


Facing the biggest truth about ourselves with the fact that maybe your an emotional person . Staying with those people for 5 days and just me facing off with myself. I remember walking into that place saying you guys will not make me cry . The whole point of the exercise was not the intention to make anyone cry . it was to think about a solution to a problem your having . Having to expose that pain point to the rest of the world was so scary . After I had several breakdowns that weekend I came away with this one fact . I need to start being the type of person that was slow to speak but quick to listen . are you feeling like this ? click here for a link to our blog on that very subject .



Breaking Down The Wall


An amazing friend of mine says if your not having break downs ,then your not having break throughs . During those break down times is where you learn the most about yourself . where you are in your life and what do you want to do ? it’s the first step to seeing where you want to go in your life . which is important but also being comfortable in your own skin . so who up for kicking down those walls ?


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